SH002 – Find the Andromeda Galaxy, the Triangulum Galaxy, and the Double Cluster

In Episode SH002 of Star Hopping…

In this episode we’re checking out the Andromeda region, and showing you how to locate the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), the Triangulum Galaxy (M33), and the Double Cluster.

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This episode features a cool new end card with links and info. Let me know your feedback on this new series.


Our search targets for this installment of Star Hopping are visible in the eastern sky around 10 PM, and they are certainly three of the most popular deep sky objects known…

Get the rest of the script along with the images and star charts in the Field Notes Guide for this episode!

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Credits for this Episode

  • Star Chart Images & Simulations Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy
  • Andromeda Galaxy image by David Hearn / Kissimmee Park Observatory
  • Triangulum Galaxy image by David Hearn / Kissimmee Park Observatory
  • Double Cluster image by David Hearn / Kissimmee Park Observatory

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