SH007 – Telescopes for Beginners, Part 1

In Episode SH007 of Star Hopping…

The most recent episode of Star Hopping is out, and we’re taking a short break from the standard deep sky object location tutorials, and will have a look at buying Telescopes for Beginners; a kind of a Telescope Buyer’s Guide.

I’m calling this an “Extra” as we will need to take a break now and again to let the stars rise and have new targets become available in the sky. We’ll get back to our deep sky targeting techniques in a couple weeks.


In this “Extra” episode of Star Hopping, we’re going to take a break from our normal routine and start our exploration of how to buy Telescopes for Beginners; kids or adults that are just getting started in astronomy and learning the night sky. There’s a lot to talk about so we’ll do this in two videos. Here in Part 1, we’ll talk about the 3 variables you need to consider in selecting a telescope, and next week in Part 2, we’ll tell you where you can buy them, and how much you can expect to pay. More about all this great stuff right after this – stay tuned…

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