SH056 – Find M102, NGC 5907, and the Cat Eye Nebula

In Episode SH056 of Star Hopping…

we’ll check out the Draco Region, and show you how to locate the Missing messier Object: M102, the Splinter Galaxy, NGC 5907, and the famous but tiny Cat Eye Nebula, NGC 6543.


Well in last week’s episode, we checked out three new comets visiting our solar system, and for two of them we were looking into the constellation of Hercules. Just about 15 degrees to the left of the “Keystone” of Hercules lies the head of Draco the Dragon, with it’s two bright stars Eltanin and Rastaban, both shining at second magnitude.

In tonight’s show we’ll be checking out three interesting objects in Draco. One is rather famous, but it’s a very tiny planetary nebula, and will require a larger telescope to be able to use a high magnification. The other two are galaxies, one very large and edge on, and one that has been “lost”.

Let’s check out the large edge-on spiral galaxy, right after this break.

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Credits for this Episode

  • NGC 5907 image 1 by RJ Gabany
  • NGC 5907 image by David Hearn, Kissimmee Park Observatory
  • M 102 image by NASA / ESA
  • Cat Eye Nebula image by the Hubble Space Telescope

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