Digital Guide: The Star Hopping Guide to The Different Types of Deep Sky Objects

This is a 27 page essential guide to learning all the variations of deep sky objects: Galaxies, Nebulae, and Star Clusters. It’s packed with beautiful color images of example objects to show you the different variations that these amazing objects can have. This guide will teach you how to recognize and classify any deep sky object when you see it in your telescope.

From the Guide:

“The next type of galaxy is the one that most people are familiar with: the Spiral Galaxy. A perfect example of a grand design spiral galaxy is the Pinwheel Galaxy, also known as Messier 101 in Ursa Major. A grand design spiral has spiral arms that wrap symmetrically around the galactic core , and are usually very long. Another well known spiral is Messier 81, also in Ursa Major. 

Spiral galaxies have three main components: a nuclear bulge, a disk, and a halo. The bulge is a spherical structure found in the center of the galaxy and contains mostly older stars. The disk is made up of dust, gas, and younger stars and forms the familiar spiral arm structures. The halo of a galaxy is a loose, spherical structure located around the entire central structure of the galaxy.”

Pick up this guide to get a quick orientation to the different type of deep sky objects that you will find in the night sky.