A Year of Star Hopping

The Best Method for Learning to Locate Deep Sky Objects



To help you locate more deep sky objects with your telescope, I’ve collected all the details from my ”Star Hopping” video tutorials into my brand new book:  A Year of Star Hopping, for you to use by your telescope under the stars.

The book will show you step by step how to find the most interesting objects in the night sky, like Star Clusters, Nebulae, and Galaxies.

 In my 330+ page book, my Star Hopping methods will allow you to:
  • Quickly locate the most interesting deep sky objects in the sky
  • Use a specific location method every time, so that you learn and memorize the route to each target
  • Maximize your observing time so that you don’t waste time searching for targets


For each deep sky object presented, I give you the exact steps to locate the target, based on starting points of easily located bright stars. Then I provide all the background information and history of the target object, so you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at. The Book also contains beautiful images of each target deep sky object, taken with the telescopes and cameras at my observatory, and other sources.

The proceeds will go to support my current activities at my observatory, including astrophotography, astronomy outreach to schools & youth groups, and the ongoing creation of astronomy tutorials, podcasts, and other helpful media.

I greatly appreciate your support, and at the same time you can get some great tools to enhance your appreciation of the night sky!

This is a huge value – the book contains essentially ALL the Star Hopping Episodes here on the site. If you were to buy all the respective Field Notes, the cost would be approximately $75!

See a free Demo Chapter from the Book (2.7 Mb)

Paperback Book ($29.95)

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