SH009 – Find the Rosette Nebula, the Christmas Tree Cluster, and M35

In Episode SH009 of Star Hopping…

We’ll discuss how to locate the Rosette Nebula in Monoceros, the Christmas Tree Cluster in Monoceros, and the Open Cluster Messier 35 in Gemini.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It was difficult, but I was able to record this new episode of Star Hopping while down in Key West, FL, during the annual family get together down here. It was oh so windy during my shoot so it is a bit noisy, but check out the new episode nonetheless. I promise we’ll be back up to our usual high quality next week. In this new episode,


So we’re not on our spaceship set this week as we’re coming to you from Key West Florida, while our family prepares for the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you like the tropical holiday backdrop here! I wanted to make sure that we didn’t miss a week of Star Hopping!

Well, now we’re back to our standard content after those two weeks of Star Hopping Extras, where we discussed how to pick out Telescopes for Beginners. As we’re approaching the holiday season, I know that many parents will be looking to select a telescope, so if you’re in the market for a new scope, check out those two videos – you can just click on the thumbnail below to check it out.

Orion Rising

So during our Extra episodes, the stars have had some time to rise a bit, and Orion is now halfway up in the sky at around 10:30 PM. We looked at Orion a few weeks ago, but there are a lot of other great areas close by that need our attention. The constellation of Gemini, with the bright stars Castor and Pollux, and the dimmer but very rich constellation of Monoceros both have a bunch of great deep sky objects within their borders. Some people just starting out in observing may not be aware of Monoceros; it lies between Orion and Gemini, and the Winter Milky Way runs right through the middle of it…

Get the rest of the script along with the images and star charts in the Field Notes Guide for this episode!

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Credits for this Episode

  • Star Chart Images & Simulations Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy
  • Rosette Nebula image by David Hearn / Kissimmee Park Observatory
  • Christmas Tree Cluster image by David Hearn / Kissimmee Park Observatory
  • M35 image by Jorge Garcia

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