SH027 – The Different Types of Nebulae

In Episode SH027 of Star Hopping…

In this Star Hopping “Extra”, we’ll discuss the different types of Nebulae that you can find in your telescope, and explain the differences between them.


So tonight we’re going to discuss the Different Types of Nebulae that you might encounter during your observing sessions. Deep Sky Objects are generally classified in to three main types: Galaxies, Star Clusters, and Nebulae. We’ve already covered the first two in previous Star Hopping Extras, so all we have left is Nebulae.

If you were wondering, “Nebulae” is the plural of “Nebula”. I’ve used that term several times throughout the episodes of Star Hopping, but I don’t think I ever actually explained it. From Latin, it means “little cloud” or “mist”. Nebulae appear differently based on the associated stars they have within them, or associated with them. Very often the specific stage of life of the associated stars determines the makeup of the nebula…

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