SH042 – Find M36, M38, and the Flaming Star Nebula

In Episode SH042 of Star Hopping…

We’ll look at the Auriga region, and show you how to find M36, M38 and the amazing Flaming Star Nebula, which contains a runaway star. Find out this nebula’s mystery by watching the episode!


Well this week we’re covering a couple bright open clusters that we haven’t hit before on Star Hopping. And we’ll also cover a gorgeous open cluster with nebulosity at the end of today’s show, so make sure you hang out with me for that.

So I have something new to announce: I’ve added yet another social medium to our list – you can now reach out to me on Twitter @StarHoppingMan, so if you have any questions or comments about the show, or just want to ask a question about something astronomical, feel free to tweet me!

So it’s time to get started with our first target this week; a pretty Open Cluster. We’ll check it out, right after this message….

Get the rest of the script along with the images and star charts in the Field Notes Guide for this episode!

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Credits for this Episode

  • Star Chart Images & Simulations Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy
  • M 36 image by Siggi Kohlert
  • M 38 image by Siggi Kohlert
  • IC 405 image by Adam Block / Mount Lemmon Sky Center

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