SH050 – 50th Episode Celebration

In Episode SH050 of Star Hopping…

we’re taking some time out and doing some celebrating of our 50th episode of Star Hopping! We’re going to look back at the last 16 months, do some shoutouts to our loyal subscribers, and then take a look into the future and outline some positive changes coming to Star Hopping and Kissimmee Park Observatory.


Wow – unbelievable. We’ve actually completed our 50th episode of the Star Hopping show! Tonight I want to take some time to celebrate, and look at the year and a half of the show and all the great things that have happened. I also want to take some time and do some shout-outs to our most dedicated and interactive followers, from our different social media channels. Then I want to talk about the future, specifically my plans for some upcoming changes in 2017 for both Kissimmee Park Observatory and Star Hopping.

So let’s take a look back at the last 16 months. Star Hopping kicked off with Episode 1 on October 2nd, 2015. Interestingly enough, that’s my birthday, so I always know how old the show is!

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  • Star Hopping thanks YOU for supporting us in the first 50 episodes!

2 thoughts on “SH050 – 50th Episode Celebration”

    1. Hi Adam! Yes of course – I intend to continue making many more Star Hopping episodes. That’s why I build this site. The next episode will hit YouTube tonight.

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