SH053 – Digital Image Processing

In Episode SH053 of Star Hopping…

we’re going to continue on our Basic Astrophotography series, and show you how to perform Basic Image Processing: the procedure to extract a beautiful color astrophoto from your raw frames you captured through your telescope.


So I’m in that situation again where I just need to wait a little bit for more interesting deep sky objects to rise. So while that occurs, I’ve created another Star Hopping “Extra” episode, to expand our astrophotography series. Tonight I’ll discuss Basic Image Processing, the process that amateur astrophotographers go through, in order to extract beautiful astrophotos from the raw images that we collect with the telescope, during a imaging session.

So let’s talk about the basic steps that are used in our imaging workflow to capture and digitally process an astrophoto.

  1. First we Capture multiple subframe images.
  2. Next we align the subframes on the star pattern within them.
  3. Then we Stack the Subframes.
  4. Next we Process the image stack.
  5. And finally we Finish the image with a general image processing app.

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Credits for this Episode

  • Nebulosity application copyright Craig Stark.
  • StarTools application copyright Silicone Fields
  • PixInsight application copyright Pleiades Astrophoto

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