SH057 – The Great American Solar Eclipse, Part 2

In Episode SH057 of Star Hopping…

we’ll continue a series of episodes dedicated to help you to plan for and photograph the Great North American Solar Eclipse in August 2017! 


So this week we’re doing Part 2 of our series about the Great North American Solar Eclipse, coming up on Monday, August 21st. If you didn’t see Part 1 in the earlier Episode 54 of Star Hopping, you might want to check that one out before  watching this week’s show. You can see it at

So as I mentioned in Part 1, I’m headed to the Mountains of North Georgia, more specifically, the Summit of Brasstown Bald, the highest point in the state of Georgia. It’s not exactly on the centerline so I’ll lose about 15 seconds of Totality, but I think the 360 degree view from the summit will be worth that extra time in the Dark of the Moon.

But in my research about the eclipse, I understand that Mobility is essential in order to not be hindered by clouds, so we need to consider Brasstown Bald as a starting point. Fred Espenak, famous for devoting his life to viewing every total solar eclipse, and being a renown expert on all kinds of eclipses, did say that willing to be Mobile was the number one success criteria for viewing an Eclipse.

After all, if you are going to the effort of traveling hundreds of miles to see a total eclipse, and then if an adjustment is needed due to weather, of even 300-400 miles, isn’t it worth it? You’ll be glad you went the extra mile when you get to experience Totality and get some great images of Nature’s greatest show.

So that’s a great segue; let’s get started with the topic for this episode, a list of different methods for photographing the Great American Eclipse. We’ll talk about them, right after this break.


Solar Eclipse Computer – get Eclipse timings for your location ->

Solar Eclipse Maestro: excellent automation software for Solar Eclipses (MacOS) ->

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Credits for this Episode

  • Diamond Ring eclipse image copyright Pedro Re.
  • Solar Eclipse Shadow image copyright Alson Wong.
  • Solar Eclipse Corona image copyright M. Druckmüller.
  • Bailey’s beads image copyright Arne Danielson.
  • Partial Solar Eclipse with Clouds image copyright Associated Press.

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  1. This web page was shown in your Blairsville, Ga presentation as “Photographing the Great American Solar Eclipse”, but There’s nothing that I can find on this page about photographing. WHERE IS THAT INFORMATION?????

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