The Star Hopping Podcast – Episodes 41 to 50

Star Hopping Podcast

SH050 – 50th Episode Celebration

In this “Extra” episode of Star Hopping, we’re taking some time out and doing some celebrating of our 50th episode of Star Hopping! We’re going to look back at the last 16 months, do some shoutouts to our loyal subscribers, and then take a look into the future and outline some positive changes coming to Star Hopping and Kissimmee Park Observatory.

Star Hopping PodcastSH049 – Find M94, NGC 5033, and The Whale Galaxy  – 02/03/2017

In episode SH044, awe’ll examine the Canes Venatici region, where we’ll show you how to locate three impressive galaxies: Messier 94, NGC 5033, and the huge Whale Galaxy, NGC 4631.


Star Hopping Podcast

SH048 – Time Lapse Astrovideography – 01/19/2017

In episode SH048, another Star Hopping “Extra”, we’re going to continue on our Basic Astrophotography series, and show you how to capture motion in the night sky, through the interesting and fun process of Time Lapse Astrophotography.


Star Hopping Podcast

SH047 – Find M95, M96, and M105 – 01/04/2017

In episode SH047 of Star Hopping, we’ll examine the Leo region, and show you how to find three famous galaxies found in the central part of that regal constellation: Messier 105 with it two close NGC galactic neighbors, and the pair of galaxies less than a degree apart: M95, and M96.

Star Hopping Podcast

SH046 – Find NGC 2403, M108 and The Owl Nebula – 

In episode SH046 of Star Hopping, we’ll examine the Ursa Major region, and show you how to find three more exceptional deep sky targets: The huge spiral galaxy NGC 2403, otherwise knows as The Surfboard Galaxy; Messier 108, and the famous Owl Nebula; Messier 97.

Star Hopping Podcast

SH045 – Find the Seagull Nebula, the Medusa Nebula, and M48 – 

In episode SH045 of Star Hopping, we’ll examine the Canis Minor region, and show you how to find three great deep sky targets: the Seagull Nebula (IC 2177), the Medusa Nebula (Abell 21), and the lost Messier Open Star Cluster, M48.

Star Hopping Podcast

SH044 – Find the Running Man Nebula, the Witch Head Nebula, and Hubble’s Variable Nebula – 11/24/2016

In episode SH044 of Star Hopping, we’ll examine the Orion region, and show you how to find three great nebulae: the Running Man Nebula in Orion (NGC 1977), the Witch Head Nebula (IC 2118), and Hubble’s Variable Nebula (NGC 2261).

Star Hopping Podcast

SH043 – Find the Monkeyhead Nebula, the Jellyfish Nebula, and the Eskimo Nebula – 11/10/2016

In episode SH043 of Star Hopping, we’ll look at the Gemini region, and show you how to find three great nebulae: the Monkeyhead Nebula in Orion (NGC 2174), the Jellyfish Nebula (IC 443), and the Eskimo Planetary Nebula (NGC 2392).

Star Hopping Podcast

SH042 – Find M36, M38, and the Flaming Star Nebula – 10/27/2016

In episode SH042 of Star Hopping, we’ll look at the complex Auriga region, and show you how to find the two beautiful open clusters M36 and M38, and then locate the amazing Flaming Star Nebula, which contains a runaway star. Find out this nebula’s mystery by listening to this episode!

Star Hopping Podcast

SH041 – Find NGC 247, NGC 7793, and NGC 55 – 

In episode SH041 of Star Hopping, we’ll look at the Sculptor region, and show you how to find three incredible needle galaxies: NGC 247 in the neighboring constellation of Cetus, NGC 7793, a violent galaxy with a hidden mystery, and the huge half degree long NGC 55, larger than the full moon.

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