SH023 – Find M3, The Antennae Galaxies, and The Sombrero Galaxy

In Episode SH023 of Star Hopping…

We’ll be exploring the Bootes & Corvus region, and we’ll use our star hopping methods to find the massive globular cluster Messier 3, the interacting Antennae Galaxies, and the gorgeous edge-on spiral, Messier 104.


Well now we’re back after two Extra episodes to be star hopping around the sky once again. Two episodes ago in our discussion about the “Different Types of  Star Clusters”, we talked about Globular Clusters. We’ll look at a splendid example of one tonight when we check out our first object. I wanted to start off with a new type of target because the other two targets are both galaxies again! But they are definitely worth the effort of finding them because they’re both striking and beautiful targets…

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Credits for this Episode

  • Star Chart Images & Simulations Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy
  • M3 image by Adam Block; Mount Lemmon Sky Center
  • Antennae Galaxies image by Star Shadows Remote Observatory & PROMPT/CTIO
  • M104 image by Adam Block; Mount Lemmon Sky Center

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