SH039 – Find The Heart and Soul Nebulae, M34, and NGC 891

In Episode SH039 of Star Hopping…

We’ll look at the Perseus region, and show you how to find the Heart & Soul Nebula, the open cluster Messier 34, and the amazing needle galaxy NGC 891.

Please note – this is the last Star Hopping episode for the summer. Starting next week we will begin our European Astronomy Tour series that will continue through September. Star Hopping will return after the Tour series completes.

Also – minor error in the intro – the Centaurus region was referenced, but it actually supposed to be the Perseus region.


Well we’ve finally arrived at the last episode of Star Hopping before the KPO European Astronomy Tour begins. This week we’re concentrating on the eastern night sky as it appears around the end of August, close to midnight. At that time you will find the rich constellation of Perseus ascending into the northeastern sky.

Over the past few weeks we have been getting ahead of the currently rising stars, reviewing deep sky targets rising later and later through the June, July, and August time frame. This is because I wanted to provide targets for you throughout the summer while I would be gone on the European Astronomy Tour. I’ll be resuming Star Hopping the week of September 11th, so we’ll be looking at the Fall sky at that point.

So in tonight’s episode we’ll start off looking at a couple beautiful nebulae in the constellation of Perseus. We’ll check them out, right after this message…

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Credits for this Episode

  • Star Chart Images & Simulations Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy
  • Heart & Soul Nebulae image by Leonardo Orazi
  • M34 image by Siggi Kohlert
  • NGC 891 image by Adam Block / Mount Lemmon Sky Center

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