SH054 – The Great American Solar Eclipse, Part 1

In Episode SH054 of Star Hopping…

we’ll begin a series of episodes dedicated to help you to plan for and view the Great North American Solar Eclipse in August 2017! 


So this week we’re starting a series of Extra episodes to get you excited and informed about the Great North American Solar Eclipse, coming up on Monday, August 21st. For that event, I’m headed to the Mountains of North Georgia, more specifically, the Summit of Brasstown Bald, the highest point in the state of Georgia.

For this amazing celestial occurrence, I plan to be live streaming coverage of the progress of the Moon’s shadow. This assumes that the Internet does not completely crash, due to all the information that everyone will be posting. If by some chance it does, I’ll be creating a documentary of the event, to post here on YouTube afterwards.

So there are many things to know about this event. Most basically, what are the celestial mechanics that let a solar eclipse occur? A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon, just as it reaches it’s New Moon phase, passes between the Sun and the Earth. The Sun casts a shadow of the Moon onto the surface of the Earth, and we see a Solar Eclipse.

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Credits for this Episode

  • Diamond Ring eclipse image copyright Pedro Re.
  • Solar Eclipse Shadow image copyright Alson Wong.
  • Solar Eclipse Corona image copyright M. Druckmüller.
  • Solar Eclipse over Trees image copyright Fred Espenak.
  • Bailey’s beads image copyright Arne Danielson.
  • Partial Solar Eclipse image copyright Odisha TV.
  • Partial Solar Eclipse with Clouds image copyright Associated Press.

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