SH062 – Find IC 342, IC 59-63, and The Bubble Nebula

In Episode SH062 of Star Hopping… we’ll examine the Camelopardalis region, and locate three targets for the Big Guns, meaning they are challenge objects. We’ll find the massive spiral galaxy IC 342, the Gamma Cassiopeia Nebula, otherwise catalogued as IC 59 and 63,  and lastly we’ll hunt down the elusive Bubble Nebula,  NGC 7635. Intro Read More …

SH055 – A Trio of Comets

In Episode SH055 of Star Hopping… we’ll be checking out the trio of Comets that are visiting our Solar System. Comets Johnson and Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak are evening targets, in and around the constellation of Hercules. And in the pre-dawn hours, we have yet another Comet Lovejoy, Australian amateur Terry Lovejoy’s 6th discovery.