SH061 – Find IC 1396, Messier 52, and The Blue Snowball Nebula

In Episode SH061 of Star Hopping…

we’ll examine the Cepheus region, and find some “deeper” deep sky objects: IC 1396, the famous “Elephant’s Trunk” nebula, the open cluster Messier 52, and The Blue Snowball Nebula, also catalogued as NGC 7662.


So after all the excitement of the Summer with the August Solar Eclipse, we’re back to searching and scanning the skies, in our hunt for deep sky objects.

We’re firmly into Autumn now, with the Autumnal Equinox passing on September 22nd. The nights are getting longer as we move toward the shortest day of the year in late December. I don’t know about you, but for those of us living in Florida, September brings hope for cooler weather, as we’re still sweating at 9:00 at night!

As time goes by and we get more and more Star Hopping episodes in the can, I’m finding it a bit difficult to find nighttime targets that I have not presented before! So consequently, I’ve been presenting “deeper” deep sky objects, and have been pulling from the NGC and IC catalogs. I think we’ve covered most of the Messier Objects, but we do have one tonight!

So let’s get started with a deeper deep sky object to make all our astrophotographers happy, right after this break.

Get the rest of the script along with the images and star charts in the Field Notes Guide for this episode!

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